Two Ways: Burn MKV/MP4 to Blu-ray disc with Blu-ray PCM


    PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) on a Blu-ray disc is an uncompressed audio format known for delivering high-fidelity sound. Unlike lossy formats like Dolby Digital or DTS, PCM maintains the original audio data, ensuring superior sound quality. If your video file includes PCM audio and you're struggling to find Blu-ray authoring software that preserves this high-quality audio, this article is for you. It will guide you through two methods to burn video to Blu-ray while retaining the pristine PCM audio.

"I have high-quality PCM audio recordings from concerts that I'd like to turn into a Blu-ray disc to enjoy in my home theater. However, I'm having trouble finding Blu-ray authoring software that supports PCM audio."


For the ultimate audio experience without losing any detail or dynamic range, PCM is undoubtedly the best choice. To achieve this, we need to create a Blu-ray disc that utilizes the sound equipment of a Blu-ray player. Blu-ray discs can support multi-channel PCM audio, typically used in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound configurations, providing an immersive audio experience.


Let's start introducing two Blu-ray authoring software that can keep Blu-ray PCM audio.



Part 1: Easy Way: Using Yuhan Blu-ray Creator

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is one of the few Blu-ray authoring software that can keep PCM audio tracks. Available for both Windows and Mac, it offers a straightforward way to preserve PCM audio by using the Passthrough mode. However, to use this mode, your video must meet Blu-ray specifications, such as being encoded in H264 and having a resolution of 1080P. If your video doesn't meet these specifications, you can choose to re-encode it and then select "Audio Copy" to preserve the PCM audio on the Blu-ray. Additionally, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator has the following advantages:


Creating a Blu-ray disc menu is essential, as a disc without a menu feels incomplete. Personalization options are also crucial, and Yuhan Blu-ray Creator fully meets these needs. It offers 24 built-in menu templates and supports four scene display modes: File (Icon), File (Text), Chapter (Icon), and Chapter (Text). Additionally, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator allows you to set a menu background, using either an image or a video.


Chapters are indispensable for modern Blu-ray discs, making it easy to quickly locate the content you want to watch. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator excels in this area, automatically importing chapters from MKV or MP4 files, saving you the time and effort of manual chapter creation. It even allows you to set chapters down to the millisecond.


Finally, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator supports three output formats: Blu-ray folder, ISO, and direct burning to disc. The Blu-ray folder option is convenient for viewing internal files, while the ISO format allows for easy sharing and uploading to the Internet, enabling others to download and burn the ISO to a disc effortlessly.


Key Features of Yuhan Blu-ray Creator:

  • Automatically import MP4/MKV chapters
  • Support preserving Blu-ray PCM Audio
  • HDR video produced to Blu-ray without color washout
  • Support multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles
  • Save as Blu-ray Folder, ISO, or burning to disc
  • Provides 20+ menu templates and almost fully customizable menus
  • Available for Windows and Mac



Before we introduce it, we need to download and install Yuhan Blu-ray Creator. If your computer is Windows, please click the red button below to download the Windows version, and if your computer is Mac, click the blue button below to download the Mac version.




Step 1: Add MKV/MP4 Files

To add MKV or MP4 files, click on "Add Video" or drag the files directly into the main interface of the software. Once you've added the files, be sure to select PCM Audio in the audio track checkbox. You can also choose other audio tracks and subtitles, as Yuhan Blu-ray Creator fully supports multiple audio tracks and subtitles. Additionally, you can select the disc capacity (BD25 or BD50) and the frame rate. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator supports a wide range of Blu-ray frame rates, including 23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 50fps, and 59.94fps, unlike other Blu-ray authoring software, which typically only support 23.976fps.



Step 2: Set up video

If you don't need to adjust the video, you can skip this step. However, if you want to crop the video, set the volume, or make other modifications, open the video settings dialog. In this dialog, you can perform various simple settings, such as setting chapters. This feature is crucial for some users. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator can automatically import chapters from MKV/MP4 files, and you also have the option to customize chapters, with accuracy down to milliseconds.



Step 3: Advanced settings

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator keeps Blu-ray PCM can pass the Passthrough mode, but there is a premise, that is, your video encoding must meet the Blu-ray specifications, such as encoding H264, and the resolution is 1080P or 720P. If your video doesn't meet the Blu-ray specifications, you can only choose Transcode mode, in which you also have to check "Audio Copy" so that you can copy the PCM track of the original video to Blu-ray. On this page, you can also set up others, such as video encoders and decoders, bitrate, etc.



Step 4: Choose a menu template and customize it

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers 24 menu templates and numerous customization options. You can choose themes like wedding or festival and personalize them by setting a background image or music of your choice. Notably, each menu page can have a different background. Additionally, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator supports the "First Play" function, allowing you to create and play a brief introduction to the disc before the menu appears.



Step 5: Output settings

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers three output methods: Blu-ray folder, ISO, and direct disc burning. You can choose any or all of these options. The Blu-ray output from Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is highly compatible, working seamlessly with nearly all Blu-ray players and computer software that supports Blu-ray playback, including VLC Media Player, Kodi, PowerDVD, and more.



Step 6: Start authoring

After finalizing all settings, click the "Start" button in the dialog box to begin the process with Yuhan Blu-ray Creator. In Passthrough mode, completion may take as little as ten minutes. However, if you select Transcode mode, the process could take one to two hours.




Part 2: Another Way: Using TsMuxer(Free)

TsMuxer is a versatile and free Blu-ray authoring software available for both Windows and Mac. Renowned for its compact size and fast processing speed, it boasts powerful features that cater to a wide range of Blu-ray creation needs. One of its key advantages is its ability to retain Blu-ray PCM audio while operating in Passthrough mode, ensuring that video and audio are not re-encoded and thus maintain their original quality.


TsMuxer also excels in its support for detailed customization, allowing users to set chapters, trim videos by specifying start and end times, and designate default audio tracks and subtitles. The software accommodates multiple audio tracks and subtitles, making it ideal for projects that require diverse language options or additional commentary tracks. For SRT subtitles, TsMuxer offers extensive customization options, enabling users to adjust the font, color, and position to enhance the viewing experience. These features, combined with its user-friendly interface, make TsMuxer an indispensable tool for both novice and experienced users looking to produce professional-grade Blu-ray discs.



Operating TsMuxer is very straightforward. Simply drag your video file into the main interface of TsMuxer. Next, go to the Tracks option and select the audio track and subtitle you need. Then, in the Output option, check the Blu-ray ISO box. Set the Disc label and File name, and once all these settings are configured, click the "Start muxing" button. TsMuxer will begin processing. You just need to wait for the progress bar to reach 100%, at which point your ISO file will be generated.


Part 3: Conclusion

From the above introduction, it's clear that retaining Blu-ray PCM audio in Blu-ray authoring is not difficult. While most Blu-ray authoring software doesn't support this feature, both Yuhan Blu-ray Creator and TsMuxer do. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator not only supports Blu-ray PCM audio but also allows for disk menu creation, making your discs easier to manage. On the other hand, TsMuxer, which doesn't support menus, is free of charge. Therefore, if you don't need a disk menu, TsMuxer is an excellent choice.


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