How to make Star Wars into 4K UHD Blu-ray with menu


    Star Wars is a popular and influential science fiction franchise that began with the release of the first film, titled “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” in 1977. Created by George Lucas, the franchise has since expanded into a vast universe encompassing films, TV series, books, comics, video games, and merchandise.


The Star Wars saga is set in a galaxy far, far away and features a richly detailed universe with numerous planets, species, and civilizations. It tells the story of the eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil, particularly the battle between the Jedi, who are skilled warriors with a strong connection to an energy field called the Force, and the Sith, who seek to dominate the galaxy through the dark side of the Force.


The original trilogy, released between 1977 and 1983, consists of “A New Hope,” “The Empire Strikes Back,” and “Return of the Jedi.” These films follow the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and other iconic characters as they fight against the evil Galactic Empire led by Darth Vader.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Lucas released a prequel trilogy, consisting of “Episode I – The Phantom Menace,” “Episode II – Attack of the Clones,” and “Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.” These films explore the backstory of Anakin Skywalker, who eventually becomes Darth Vader, as well as the rise of the Sith and the fall of the Jedi Order.


In 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm, and subsequently, a sequel trilogy was produced. This new trilogy, consisting of “Episode VII – The Force Awakens,” “Episode VIII – The Last Jedi,” and “Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker,” continues the story decades after the events of the original trilogy, introducing new characters such as Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren.


Star Wars has also expanded beyond the main saga with standalone films like “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which provide additional background and adventures within the Star Wars universe. Moreover, there have been several animated TV series, including “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels,” which further explore different time periods and characters.


The franchise’s impact extends far beyond films and TV shows. Star Wars has had a significant influence on popular culture, inspiring countless fans and generating a devoted fanbase. Its iconic characters, such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Yoda, and many others, have become cultural icons, and the series’ themes of heroism, hope, and the struggle between light and dark have resonated with audiences worldwide.





Features of Yuhan 4K UHD Creator:


Yuhan 4K UHD Creator stands out as a comprehensive UHD authoring software, offering extensive customization options for disk menus, which is a crucial feature for users seeking professional-level results. Unlike other software that may lack menu support or offer limited customization capabilities, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator excels by providing over 20 menu templates and a plethora of customization functions.


Key features of Yuhan 4K UHD Creator's menu customization include:


1. Multiple Templates: With over 20 pre-designed menu templates, users have a variety of options to choose from, ensuring flexibility in creating visually appealing menus.


2. Custom Backgrounds: Users can set custom background images or videos for their menus, allowing for personalized branding or thematic consistency.


3. Background Music: The ability to add background music enhances the immersive experience of the menu, setting the tone for the content to come.


4. First Play Setting: Users can define which content plays first upon inserting the disk, offering control over the initial viewing experience.


5. Menu Display Options: Yuhan 4K UHD Creator supports various menu display methods, including File (icon or text) and Chapter (icon or text), giving users versatility in how they present their content.


6. Multi-Audio Track and Multi-Subtitle Support: The software enables the inclusion of multiple audio tracks and subtitles, enhancing accessibility and catering to diverse audience preferences.


By incorporating these advanced features, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator elevates the user experience, allowing creators to produce UHD discs that rival commercial offerings. The ability to customize menus, incorporate multimedia elements, and support multiple tracks and subtitles contributes to the software's appeal for professional and enthusiast users alike.


Yuhan 4K UHD Creator is available in a windows version as well as a Mac version.


On Windows:




On Mac:



Let's use Yuhan 4K UHD Creator to make a UHD disc with menu.


1. Load the video. After loading, at the top of the software, you can select the 4K UHD module, in the middle part of the software, you can choose the audio track and subtitles you need, at the bottom of the software, you can choose the disc type BD100, BD66, BD50 or BD25, and finally you can also choose the frame rate, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator supports all the frame rates included in all Blu-ray standards, such as 23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 50fps, 59.94fps.



2. Set chapters, click the settings button of the video, a settings dialog box will pop up, you can set the chapters of the disc, these chapters will be displayed on the menu, so that you can better select the chapters.



3. Choose a menu template and customize it as you like, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator can do a lot of customization, you can set First Play, scene page display, Highlight Color, menu background image, background video, background music, etc., at the same time, it also allows you to modify the text, change the thumbnail, align the text and thumbnail, etc.







4. Set the way you save the content, you can save it as a folder, ISO or burn it directly to the disc, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator makes the disc supports almost all players, including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Xbox and other home players, on the computer, it is also compatible with VLC Media Player, Kodi, PowerDVD, etc.



5. Start the production and wait for it to finish, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator supports Intel, Nvidia GPU acceleration, if your GPU supports 4K HEVC encoding, then it can be up to 10 times faster.



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