How to Burn Photos to Blu-ray or DVD disc?


    The widespread availability of smartphones with high-quality cameras has indeed made it easier and more convenient for people to capture moments through photography. This accessibility has led to a significant increase in the number of photos being taken globally on a daily basis. People are utilizing their smartphones not only to document special occasions and events but also to capture everyday moments of their lives. However, how to burn photos to Blu-ray or DVD? This question may not be answered by many people, this article introduces a Blu-ray authoring software and a DVD authoring software to help you burn photos to Blu-ray or DVD.

Safeguarding your cherished memories by transferring your pictures to Blu-ray format is a wise decision. As life evolves and moments pass, preserving these experiences becomes increasingly important. Unlike traditional photos, which can degrade over time due to exposure to light, moisture, and handling, or digital files stored on a computer, which are vulnerable to hard drive failures, Blu-ray discs offer a long-lasting and reliable storage solution. Blu-ray technology provides higher storage capacity and better durability compared to DVDs, ensuring that your valuable images remain protected and accessible for years. This physical format is less prone to damage and data corruption, making it a superior choice for long-term photo preservation.


Moreover, thanks to modern advancements, the process of creating Blu-rays is now simpler and more user-friendly than ever. Numerous software options are available, both free and paid, that guide you through the process with ease. Built-in tools and intuitive interfaces allow even those with limited technical knowledge to create professional-quality Blu-ray discs. These tools often come with additional features such as customizable menus, slideshows, and editing options to enhance your photo collection. By taking advantage of these resources, you can efficiently preserve your precious photographs and ensure that your memories are kept safe and ready to be enjoyed by future generations.





Part 1: Burn Photos to Blu-ray with Yuhan Blu-ray Creator

Nowadays, there are many Blu-ray authoring software that can burn photos to discs, but in fact, very few of them are really easy to use. Now most of our photos are taken by mobile phones, mobile phone photos have four different angles, some Blu-ray authoring software does not support automatic rotation of pictures, resulting in portrait screen photos are upside down, and iPhone photos are in HEIC format, at present, most of the Blu-ray authoring software does not support this format, they require you to convert HEIC format to JPG, which will not only lose the quality of the picture, but also waste a lot of time, so is there a Blu-ray authoring software that meets these needs? Yes, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator not only automatically rotates images, but also supports HEIC format.


Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is a versatile software that excels in burning pictures to discs in any format. It boasts automatic picture rotation and comprehensive support for HEIC format. With over a dozen built-in picture transition effects, your photos are rendered beautifully. You can enhance your viewing experience with background music, immersing yourself in the ambiance while enjoying your photos. Furthermore, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers a unique feature: the ability to add chapters, setting it apart from other Blu-ray authoring software options.


Key Features of Yuhan Blu-ray Creator:

  • The ability to automatically rotate photos.
  • Supports HEIC format shot by iPhone.
  • Built-in 10+ picture transition effects.
  • Support setting background music
  • Support adding chapters.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.


Before we introduce it, we need to download and install Yuhan Blu-ray Creator. If your computer is Windows, please click the red button below to download the Windows version, and if your computer is Mac, click the blue button below to download the Mac version.




Step 1: Add Photos

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator supports a wide range of image formats, including the HEIC format used by iPhones, which sets it apart from most other Blu-ray authoring software that typically require HEIC images to be converted to JPG or another common format. To add a photo, simply click the "Add Picture" button or drag the photo directly into the main interface. Additionally, you can select the resolution at the bottom of the main interface. For optimal definition, it is recommended to choose 1080P (1920x1080).



Step 2: Slideshow Setting

Here, you can set transitions between images, background music, etc. Unlike other Blu-ray authoring software, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator also supports cropping music, and you can set a section of a certain music file as the background music. At the same time, you can also set up chapters, which is very helpful for our seeking operation.



Step 3: Select a menu and customize it

To access the menu options, simply click on the "Select Menu" button located on the main interface. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers 24 sets of menu templates catering to various styles. If you prefer not to have a menu, you can opt for the first option in the menu bar. Once you've chosen a template, customization options abound. You can personalize the text menu items by adjusting content, font, size, and position. Additionally, background settings are available, including the option to use video for dynamic menu backgrounds.



Step 4: Burning Setting

Once you've reached your desired outcome, simply tap the "Start" button to proceed to the burning settings. Ensure a blank disc is inserted into your computer and opt for the "Burn to Disc" option. Alternatively, you can save it as an ISO or Blu-ray folder for future burning. Then hit "Start" to begin the conversion process for Blu-ray authoring.



Step 5: Authoring

Once you click the "Start" button, the program will begin burning your photos to a Blu-ray disc. After a short wait, a "Finish" button will appear, indicating that the Blu-ray creation is complete. You can then play the disc and enjoy your movie-like creation.



Part 2: Burn Photos to DVD With DVDStyler

DVDStyler is a free, powerful DVD authoring software available for both Windows and Mac. It supports nearly all video and picture formats for DVD burning. Despite being freeware, it offers robust features. It accommodates all DVD specifications, including PAL and NTSC formats, with display ratios of 4:3 and 16:9. It also supports audio encoding in AC3 and MP2, fulfilling almost all your DVD production needs.


Additionally, DVDStyler excels in menu customization. It offers title and chapter modes, with numerous options for customizing menu items, such as text color, font, shadow, and coordinates. You can also set background pictures and background music. Finally, DVDStyler can output DVD folders and ISOs, or burn directly to discs.


Key Features of DVDStyler:

  • create and burn DVD video with interactive menus
  • design your own DVD menu or select one from the list of ready to use menu templates
  • create photo slideshow
  • add multiple subtitle and audio tracks
  • customize navigation using DVD scripting


Before you start, go to the DVDStyler website( and download it, and be careful to choose the version that suits your operating system.


Step 1: Set the specifications of the DVD

When you open DVDStyler, a dialog box will appear, allowing you to create a new project or open a previously saved one. To create a new project, you can configure various settings such as the disc label, disc capacity, video bitrate, and audio bitrate, as illustrated in the image below.



Step 2: Select template for DVD menus

DVDStyler offers two menu display modes: Title selection and Chapter selection, allowing you to choose based on your needs. It also provides a wide range of menu templates, organized into categories such as Basic, Birthday, Christmas & New Year, Love, and Nature.



Step 3: Add photo files and set them.

Once you've selected a menu template, you can customize it by changing the background image, adding background music, and more. After setting up the menu, you can easily add photos by dragging the photo file to the main interface, as illustrated in the image below:



You can adjust the album settings by double-clicking on the album, which will open a properties dialog. In this dialog, you can set the playback time for each photo, choose transition effects, or add background music to the slideshow.



Step 4: Burn

Click the red "Burn" button to open the Burn dialog box. Here, you can choose to output the project as a DVD folder, an ISO file, or burn it directly to a disc. If you want to burn to a disc, insert a blank DVD5 or DVD9, then click the "Start" button, and DVDStyler will begin the process.



Part 3: Conclusion

The above instructions explain how to burn photos to a disc using Yuhan Blu-ray Creator and how to burn photos to a DVD using DVDStyler. Both processes are straightforward and can be completed in just a few steps. If you're interested, you can download these programs for free and give them a try.