How to burn music to DVD on Windows / Mac


    Want to burn mp3, ape, m4a, flac, dolby atmos music files to DVD, but can't find a suitable DVD authoring software? Want to enjoy 5.1 channel surround sound music on your car DVD? You've come to the right place. This article will recommend a popular DVD burning software - Yuhan DVD Creator, which supports burning music files of any format to DVD.

Nowadays, while Blu-ray offers higher storage capacity and HD quality, DVDs continue to have their advantages because of their affordability and versatility, and many people still use DVDs because DVDs cost less to use and it has more usage scenarios, and it can be used in cars. At the same time, sometimes we don't need to use Blu-ray, for example, burn music to a disc and enjoy it in a home theater, the data of the music is very small, a DVD5 disc is enough to put 100 pieces of music, so there is no need to use a Blu-ray disc. Therefore, burning music to DVD has always been loved by many users.



Part 1: The best DVD authoring software to burn music to DVD disc - Yuhan DVD Creator

If you want to burn music to DVD disc, Yuhan DVD Creator is undoubtedly your best choice. First of all, it not only supports almost all music formats, such as AAC, AC3, AFI, AMR, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, MKA, MP2, MP3, M4A, OGG, RA, AU, WMA, M4R, APE, DTS, OPUS, MLP (Dolby Atmos), etc. Secondly, it provides 20+ sets of menu templates, making it easier for you to select songs with the remote control, and you can also fully customize the menus, such as setting background images, background music, etc. Finally, it supports the display of music covers, and you can set the full screen display cover and half screen display cover, which is a feature that other DVD authoring software does not have.


Key Features of Yuhan DVD Creator:

  • Supports almost all music formats, including Dolby Atmos music.
  • Offers 20+ sets of menu templates and a lot of customization options.
  • Support the display of music cover.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.




Part 2: Detailed steps to burn music to DVD disc

Before we start, we need to download and install Yuhan DVD Creator. If your computer is Windows, you can click the button on the left below to download it. If your computer is Mac, please click the button on the right below to download it.




Step 1: Add  Music Files

Yuhan DVD Creator supports almost all formats of music files. Once you've opened the app, you just need to click the "Add Music" button to add the music files, or drag the music files directly to the main interface of the software. Meanwhile, you need to select the DVD tab at the top of the software. At the bottom of the software, you can choose either PAL or NTSC, note that you need to check which format your DVD Player supports, if you choose the wrong format, it may cause the output disc to not work. You can also choose the disc size: DVD9 or DVD5, and one DVD5 can store about 100 pieces of music with 2 channels.



Step 2: Set up music (optional)

Click the settings button on the music entry on the main interface to enter the settings dialog box. Yuhan DVD Creator offers options that other DVD authoring software doesn't have, such as increasing the volume of your music by up to 300% if the volume of your music is too low. At the same time, you can also set the cover of your music, which will be displayed on your TV, and you can even customize the music cover for full screen or half screen.



Step 3: Set up disc menu and customize it

The menu design of Yuhan DVD Creator is very suitable for making music DVDs because it provides four scene menu display ways: File(Icon), File(Text), Chapter(Icon), Chapter(Text). This is a feature that other DVD authoring software doesn't have, but for music discs, we recommend that you choose File(Text) , because it's easy to select songs. Meanwhile, you can also customize the background image and background music of the menu, and each menu page can be selected differently.



Step 4: Burn settings

Click the "Start" button on the main interface to pop up the Preset dialog box, Yuhan DVD Creator provides three output options: DVD folder, DVD ISO, and burn to disc. If you want to check the contents of the disc before burning, you can save it as ISO, and then play it with the free player vlc media player (, confirm that there is no problem, and then burn ISO.

About how to burn ISO to disc, you can check here:



Step 5: Start making

Click the "Start" button in the dialog box above, and YUhan DVD Creator will start working, you just have to wait patiently for your disc to pop up.



Part 3: Conclusion

With the above five simple steps, you can easily use Yuhan DVD Creator to create a DVD music disc with a disk menu, which you can enjoy in your home theater, and you can also burn an extra disc for your friends.

If you want to know more features of Yuhan DVD Creator, please click:

If you haven't tried it yet, click the button below to download a free trial.