How to burn iPhone videos to DVD On Windows / Mac


    With the needs of the development of the time, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives, which can record our lives at any time. Gradually, people are more and more pursuing mobile phone pixels, high-quality shooting technology. As we all know, iPhone is famous for its high-definition pixels, and people are willing to take a lot of videos and photos with iPhone. But how to retain a large amount of video and enjoy it on television have become a problem. So DVD authoring software turns into the key. Yuhan DVD Creator can facilitate burning iPhone videos to DVD, and help people save, create and share videos.

To burn iPhone videos to DVD, DVD authoring software is necessary. DVD authoring software comes out all the time, but Yuhan DVD Creator stands out owing to its comprehensive and practical DVD authoring solutions, being the best choice of iPhone videos to DVD burner software. iOS has a number of restrictions when it comes to media files, and thus transferring and adding media files are not easy when working with the iPhone. Moreover, the majority of DVD authoring software performs limited functions of transferring videos, burning DVDs, and converting files, but this is not the case with Yuhan DVD Creator.


Yuhan DVD Creator is the most excellent and powerful DVD authoring software, which can perfectly burn iPhone videos to DVD. After continuous development and improvement, it has far exceeded similar products. It can burn iPhone HDR videos to DVD without losing color. Besides, you could customize your disc menu and create your own disc menu with favorite music, image or video in the way you like.



Part 1: Why should we burn iPhone videos to DVD?


Recording cherished moments with an iPhone is a joy, but managing and watching these videos can be challenging. Burning iPhone videos to DVD offers an excellent solution, enabling you to watch them on a TV through a DVD player and enjoy the visual experience on a big screen. DVDs are also easy to share with family and friends, eliminating compatibility issues between different devices since most homes have DVD players.


Moreover, burning videos to DVD ensures long-term preservation, safeguarding your memories against potential loss due to device damage, loss, or upgrades. This method also helps manage iPhone storage, which can be limited, especially for HD video files. By transferring videos to DVD, you free up valuable space on your iPhone for other important data.


Additionally, DVD authoring software allows you to enhance your videos with menus, chapters, subtitles, and more, making the content more organized and easier to navigate and watch.


Part 2: The best DVD authoring software - Yuhan DVD Creator

Want to burn iPhone Videos to DVD? Yuhan DVD Creator is your excellent choice. Compared with other DVD authoring software, it has the following advantages:


First, Yuhan DVD Creator supports all videos shot by iPhone, whether the resolution is 4K or 8K, or even videos containing HDR and Dolby Vision effects, while other DVD authoring software does not support 4K or above.


Second, Yuhan DVD Creator supports automatic rotation of video. Whether you shoot horizontally or vertically, it can keep display upright. Other DVD authoring software requires manually tilting 90 degrees when displaying video in portrait screen. As shown below


Third, for videos with HDR effect shot by iPhone, Yuhan DVD Creator can perfectly restore colors, while other DVD authoring software has color fading problems. As shown in the figure below


Fourth, Yuhan DVD Creator's menu supports "First Play". You can add an introduction video in front of the menu, which can make the disc you produce more personalized. Other DVD authoring software does not have this feature.


key Features of Yuhan DVD Creator:


  • Supports all iPhone videos, including 4K and 8K resolutions.
  • Supports automatic rotation, eliminating the need for you to manually rotate videos shot vertically.
  • Automatically processes HDR videos without color washed out.
  • Support adding chapters.
  • Support hardware accelerated decoding.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.



Part 3: Detailed steps to burn iPhone videos to DVD with Yuhan DVD Creator


When you begin to burn iPhone videos to DVD with Yuhan DVD Creator, one point you have to know. Making sure you have inserted a blank writable disc into the disc drive that’s connected to your computer. More importantly, some steps you need attention, which can help you make DVD faster.


Before you start, you need to download and install it first. You can click the button below to download it for free. Pay attention to distinguish whether your computer is Windows or Mac.




Step 1: Add iPhone Videos

Launch Yuhan DVD Creator, you can find 3 modules, then just click on the DVD. After that, looking to the bottom right corner of the page where you can select the output disc type. You can adjust the format, disc capacity, and video ratio respectively. The format can be set to PAL or NTSC. The disc capacity can be DVD5 (4.7G) or DVD9 (8.5G). The video ratio can be 16:9 and 4:3.


Clicking "Add Video" button to add the videos you want. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the iPhone videos directly from your computer to the Yuhan DVD Creator.



Step 2: Video Settings(Optional)

Yuhan DVD Creator has its own editing function. Clicking the "Edit" section on the right side of the page, you can edit the effect you want. In the video setting section, one is to set the start and end time of the video. The second is to adjust the volume. The third is to choose whether to insert a chapter. Fourth, under the "Audio" and "Subtitle" tabs, setting the language of the audio track and subtitles, this is not necessary for iPhone videos, because iPhone videos do not contain multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles.



Step 3: Set up disc menu and customize it

Yuhan DVD Creator places many disc menu templates for you to burn iPhone videos to DVD. Noting the "Select Menu", where you can select the menu to edit. You can find that there are different types of disc menu templates, for example, Top Menu, Scene Menu, Setup Menu, Audio Menu and Subtitle Menu. You can select the menu templates you need. But if you want to make your own template, the DVD Creator also supports customization.


Note: Yuhan DVD Creator supports multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles, so there is a "Setup" button on the main menu, which is used to set audio tracks and subtitles. But for iPhone videos, this is not necessary, so you can press the delete key on your keyboard to remove it.



Step 4: Burning Settings

Here, you can choose to output DVD folder, ISO or burn to disc. If you choose to burn to disc, please insert a blank disc into the DVD drive first. At the same time, Yuhan DVD Creator supports GPU accelerated decoding, especially for iPhone high-resolution HEVC encoded videos, which will exponentially increase the production speed.



Step 5: Start Authoring.

After all the options are set, click the "Start" button in the previous step, and Yuhan DVD Creator will start working. You just need it to complete the work.



Part 4: Conclusion

Yuhan DVD Creator is your best choice for burning iPhone videos to DVD on Windows or Mac. The DVD Creator allows users to personalize iPhone videos with the built-in video editor, including these basic editing functions of cropping, trimming, adding and adjusting effects. With it, you can finish burning iPhone videos to DVD quickly and easily.


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