How to burn iPhone videos to Blu-ray disc On Windows / Mac


    iPhones are known for their high-quality camera features that allow users to capture beautiful moments with stunning clarity. Your iPhone can serve as a record of all kinds of wonderful moments and memorable events, such as parties, holidays, birthdays, or family reunions with family and friends. Another example includes events and celebrations, such as weddings, graduations, and other important milestones. Additionally, you can capture sports competitions, whether you’re watching your favorite team play or participating in the game yourself. Burn these amazing videos into Blu-ray discs, watch them in your home theater, or share them with our friends, this is a very pleasant thing.

“Are you looking for a Blu-ray authoring software that can burn iPhone videos to Blu-ray perfectly?”


Have you ever encountered a situation where Blu-ray authoring software won't load iPhone videos? Because iPhone videos use HEVC encoding, the resolution reaches 4K or even 8K, it is not easy to support such a high resolution and HEVC encoding.


Have you experienced a situation where a video taken on your iPhone in portrait mode appears with a 90-degree tilt when loaded into Blu-ray authoring software? This happens because the video, which was recorded in portrait orientation, needs to be rotated to appear upright. Just like the picture below

It should be displayed like this:


But the disc we burned is displayed like this:


Have you ever burned iPhone videos to Blu-ray disc, but the displayed color washed out? Because your iPhone videos contain HDR effects, and Blu-ray authoring software can't handle it properly.


These problems are prevalent in the current Blu-ray authoring software. Is there a Blu-ray authoring software that perfectly solves the above problems? This article will introduce you to a relatively new Blu-ray authoring software-Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, which can perfectly burn the videos in the iPhone into Blu-ray discs.


Part 1: Why do we need to burn iPhone videos to Blu-ray?

First of all, watching Blu-ray discs on large-screen TVs provides a superior display experience and allows more people to watch together. Additionally, burning iPhone videos to Blu-ray discs enables you to add a disc menu for better video organization and navigation. Lastly, Blu-ray discs have a long lifespan, so storing iPhone videos on them not only preserves your memories for years to come but also frees up valuable storage space on your iPhone.




Part 2: Why Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is the best Blu-ray authoring software to burn iPhone videos to Blu-ray?

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers comprehensive support for your video files, regardless of the device or format. Whether you've shot your video on an iPhone 6 or the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, in 4K or 8K resolution, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator can handle it all.


Yuhan Blu-ray Creator intelligently adjusts video orientation, ensuring that your output Blu-ray disc remains upright, whether your original video was recorded in landscape or portrait mode. Additionally, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator supports all standard Blu-ray frame rates from 23.976 fps to 59.94 fps, ensuring smooth playback without dropped frames, no matter whether your video is shot at 24 fps or 60 fps.


Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers 20+ disk menu templates and a wide range of customization options. In addition to the standard features of other Blu-ray authoring software, such as setting menu backgrounds (image, video, or music), changing font and text size, and modifying thumbnails. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator introduces additional options, these include a "First Play" function and four menu display modes: File (Icon), File (Text), Chapter (Icon), and Chapter (Text).


key Features of Yuhan Blu-ray Creator:

  • Support all iPhone videos.
  • Supports all Blu-ray frame rates: 23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 50fps, 59.94fps.
  • iPhone HDR video conversion color won't wash out.
  • Automatically rotate iPhone videos, whether you shoot them in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Provide 20+ disk menu templates, support a lot of custom menu options.
  • Output folder, Blu-ray ISO, or burn to disc.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.




Part 3: Detailed steps to burn iPhone videos to Blu-ray with Yuhan Blu-ray Creator

Before we explain how to burn iPhone videos to Blu-ray with Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, you need to download it for free, and if your operating system is Windows, click on the red button on the left below. If your operating system is Mac, click on the blue button on the right below.




Step 1: Add iPhone Videos

Click the "Add Video" button to import videos from your iPhone into Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, it supports all iPhone video formats. Once you've added the video file, you can choose the target disc size, such as BD25 or BD50. Additionally, you have the option to select the video resolution—either 1080P or 720P—and the frame rate. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is compatible with all Blu-ray frame rates, so if your video is at 60fps, we recommend choosing 59.94fps for smoother playback on the Blu-ray disc.


Step 2: Set up disc menu and customize it

Click the "Select Menu" button to open the menu dialog, where you can choose your preferred menu template. You can also customize the menu options extensively using Yuhan Blu-ray Creator's many customization features. For instance, you can add an introductory video to play before the disc starts, change the menu's background image and music, or set a video as the background. Additionally, each menu page can have its own unique background image and music.



Step 3: Burn settings

Click the "Start" button to open the burning settings dialog. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers three types of output options: folder, Blu-ray ISO, and burn to disc, accommodating a variety of needs. To use your creation on a home Blu-ray player, select "Burn to Disc".  If you prefer to share your Blu-ray online or play it on your computer, choose the ISO option. Additionally, you can customize the disc volume, select the recorder, and adjust other settings as needed.


Step 4: Start authoring

Click the "Start" button above, and Yuhan Blu-ray Creator will start working. This may take an hour or even longer, depending on the performance of your computer and the content of the disc, so please be patient.



Part 4: Conclusion

With the above 4 simple steps, you will be able to burn your iPhone video into a Blu-ray disc.Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is different from other Blu-ray authoring software, it can automatically rotate the video, automatically process HDR colors, and support all Blu-ray frame rates. It is currently the best tool to burn iPhone videos to Blu-ray discs.


If you want to learn more about Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, please click:


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