How to burn iPhone photos to DVD on Windows / Mac?


    After updates and iterations, the shooting effect of iPhones has been significantly improved. More and more people are using them to record life scenes, especially ceremonial engagement banquets, weddings, birthday parties and coming-of-age ceremonies. Nevertheless, the small screen size of mobile phones makes it challenging to view all the details in photos. We can appreciate and watch these photos of memorable moments with our family members and friends if we can utilize DVD creators to burn these photos to DVD and show them on a larger screen. These discs can also be shared with friends, allowing everyone to gather these precious memories together.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to arrange photos on your phone? Even if uploaded to the cloud and albums are set, they still cannot be well managed Online photo groups are also inconvenient to share with your family and friends.


Why not try using a DVD authoring software, which can customize a menu for your photos according to your preferences, to burn these photos onto a disc? After burning the photos to a disc, you can enjoy watching the slideshow-style photos with loved ones. This can be an extremely intriguing and wonderful experience.


However, a question arises: which DVD authoring software can satisfy these requirements? If you want to burn iPhone photos to DVDs, Yuhan DVD Creator will be your excellent choice.



Part 1: The best burner to burn iPhone Phtoto to DVD - Yuhan DVD Creator


Perfect Support for iPhone HEIC Format

Users are aware that images captured with iPhone are in HEIC format. It uses less storage and produces better lossless photo quality than JPG format. Unfortunately, most DVD creators only accept JPG format, which also means that they cannot import HEIC images directly, so you will need to convert your HEIC photos to that format first. But Yuhan DVD Creator is available to handle this problem. You may get rid of the necessity to convert HEIC photos to JPG format. All photo formats, including iPhone HEIC format, can be burned to DVD with Yuhan DVD Creator directly.


Supports Automatic Rotation

Yuhan DVD Creator has more advanced automatic rotation technology compared to other DVD authoring software. Users may encounter situations where the photo direction does not match the desired effect but cannot be automatically rotated during burning. Because other DVD authoring software may tilt the vertical screen video by 90 degrees, requiring manual rotation of the video, being very time-consuming. Yuhan DVD Creator supports an automatic rotation function, ensuring that photos taken from any angle are upright.


Excellent photo transition effects and music processing effects

With over ten photo filtering effects, Yuhan DVD Creator also allows you to add background music, clip audio, turn up the volume up to 300%, and even customize the Fade In and Fade Out effects of your music. You can also add more chapters. Yuhan DVD Creator has more additional features waiting for users to explore.


Key Features of Yuhan DVD Creator:

  • Supports almost all photo formats, including iPhone HEIC.
  • Automatically rotate photos whether you shoot them in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Supports 10+ picture transition effects.
  • Supports background music and fade-in and fade-out effects.
  • Provides 20+ sets of disk menu templates and supports many custom menu options.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.


Part 2: Detailed Steps to Burn iPhone Photos to DVD with Yuhan DVD Creator

So how to use this software? Firstly, if your device is using Windows systems, please click the button on the left. If your device is a Mac, please click the button on the right. After downloading, please start the preinstalled program and follow the prompts to download and install.




Step 1: Add iPhone Photos

First, click the "DVD" tab at the top of the Yuhan DVD Creator page, and then click the "Add Picture" button to add iPhone photos. Finally, at the bottom of the main interface, you can choose the disc capacity: DVD5 or DVD9, DVD format: NTSC or PAL, aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9. It should be emphasized that Yuhan DVD Creator can directly load iPhone HEIC photos without you converting them to JPG, which is a feature that other DVD authoring software does not support. 



Step 2: Gallery Settings

After successfully importing the image files, you can click the blue button with an editing pattern on the right to edit photos. Here you can add background music files, set the dwell time of photos and fade-in and fade-out effects, etc. After the rehearsal, the photos and music settings match your preferences, this step is finished.



Step 3: Set up disc menu and customize it

The disc menu design of Yuhan DVD Creator is designed to meet the personalized needs of users. You can start setting up the menu. Click on the third button in the second row of the page - “Select Menu”. You will see a pop-up dialog where you can set the background image, background music, etc. You can choose according to your preferences. This step is finished.



Step 4: Burning Settings

After everything is ready, you can click the “Start” button on the second line of the page. You can see a pop-up black interface. Here, You can choose the output method of the content, Yuhan DVD Creator supports 3 types of output: DVD folder, DVD ISO and burning to disc, which can meet your various needs. Meanwhile, you can set the disc volume, storage path, burner, etc. When these aforementioned settings are completed, this step is finished.


Step 5: Start authoring

After everything is set up, click the “Start” button at the bottom. After waiting for the process to complete, the iPhone photos will be successfully burned with the help of Yuhan DVD Creator.



Part 3: Burn iPhone photos to DVD with a free DVD burner - DVDStyler

DVDStyler is a versatile, cross-platform, free DVD authoring application designed for creating professional-quality DVDs. This software is well-suited for users who want to burn video files onto DVDs that can be played on almost any standalone DVD player while also offering extensive customization options for DVD menus.


DVDStyler can run on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It supports burning iPhone photos to DVD, but it cannot directly support iPhone HEIC format. You need to convert the photos to JPG format first, and then load it to DVDStyler.


DVDStyler offers over 20 sets of menu templates and boasts highly customizable menu options. Users can personalize text items on the menu, including font, size, and content. Additionally, the background image, background music, and buttons on the menu are all customizable. DVDStyler supports output in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, as well as PAL and NTSC formats. Users have the flexibility to export their projects as a DVD folder, ISO file, or directly burn them to a disc. In conclusion, DVDStyler is an excellent free DVD authoring software.


Part 4: Conclusion

This article introduces two DVD authoring software, both of which can burn iPhone photos to DVD. DVDStyler is free, but it requires you to convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPG format, which is a bit cumbersome. Yuhan DVD Creator can directly load iPhone HEIC photos and supports more features, but its trial version only supports 5-minute videos. You can try both of them for free before deciding which one to choose.


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