How to burn Dolby Atmos music to Blu-ray disc


    Interested in burning Dolby Atmos music to Blu-ray disc? You're in luck! This article will introduce you to top-notch Blu-ray authoring software specifically designed for seamlessly burning Dolby Atmos music onto Blu-ray discs, covering all the details you need.

Dolby Atmos Music is an immersive audio technology that brings a new dimension to music listening. Just as Dolby Atmos revolutionized the movie-watching experience by adding height and surround sound to audio, Dolby Atmos Music expands on this idea, delivering a multidimensional audio experience for music enthusiasts.


Instead of traditional stereo or surround sound setups, Dolby Atmos Music utilizes object-based audio technology to place individual sounds in a 3D space, allowing listeners to feel like they're inside the music. It creates a more immersive and lifelike experience, with sounds coming from all around and even from above, providing a sense of depth and clarity that traditional audio formats can't match.


Dolby Atmos Music is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, headphones, soundbars, and home theater systems. Many streaming services and music platforms offer Dolby Atmos Music tracks, allowing subscribers to enjoy their favorite songs in this immersive format.


Whether you're listening to classical music, rock, hip-hop, or any other genre, Dolby Atmos Music promises to elevate your listening experience and transport you into the heart of the music like never before.



Part 1: Why should you burn Dolby Atmos Music to Blu-ray


While smartphones, tablets, and headphones provide convenient avenues for music consumption, Dolby Atmos music demands a more immersive experience, ideally facilitated by a home theater system. Distinguished from standard two-channel formats like mp3 and m4a, Dolby Atmos boasts 7.1 channels, rendering it incompatible with ordinary playback devices which fail to convey its intricate audio details. To bridge this gap, converting Dolby Atmos music to Blu-ray format emerges as the optimal solution. Blu-ray TrueHD supports Dolby Atmos, ensuring seamless playback across all 7.1 channels. Moreover, sharing Dolby Atmos music with friends and family becomes effortless via Blu-ray discs.


Furthermore, the superior quality of Dolby Atmos music, approaching lossless sound, necessitates substantial disk space, typically 50MB per minute. Fortunately, Blu-ray discs serve as ideal storage mediums, boasting ample capacity starting from 25GB. Notably affordable, Blu-ray discs offer longevity and straightforward playback, making them the prime choice for archiving Dolby Atmos music.



Part 2: Find a Blu-ray authoring software that can burn Dolby Atmos music to Blu-ray discs

Creating a Blu-ray disc with Dolby Atmos music, preserving its quality and ensuring seamless playback on standalone home Blu-ray players, has historically posed a challenge due to the scarcity of suitable Blu-ray authoring software. However, a recent breakthrough has changed this landscape. With the release of Yuhan Blu-ray Creator version 4.0.0, burning Dolby Atmos music to Blu-ray has become effortlessly achievable. This innovative software not only supports Dolby Atmos music but also maintains lossless audio quality, faithfully reproducing all 7.1 channels.


Additionally, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator extends its compatibility to other audio formats such as mp3, m4a, flac, and ape, offering versatile options for music enthusiasts. Furthermore, it facilitates burning to DVD, enhancing its utility and convenience. With Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, the once daunting task of authoring Blu-ray discs with high-quality Dolby Atmos music is now within reach.


Key Features:

  • Supports almost all music formats including MP3, M4A, AC3, DTS, FLAC, APE, MLP(Dolby Atmos).
  • Supports selecting songs on Blu-ray menu.
  • Supports displaying music cover.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.


Part 3: How to burn Dolby Atmos music to Blu-ray disc with Yuhan Blu-ray Creator


Yuhan Blu-ray Creator stands out as the premier Blu-ray authoring software, uniquely equipped to support Dolby Atmos music burning onto Blu-ray discs. With its robust suite of features, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator empowers users with unparalleled Blu-ray production capabilities. It effortlessly handles a wide array of media formats, including videos, images, and audio files of any type, ensuring comprehensive compatibility.


Moreover, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers an intuitive interface coupled with powerful menu editing tools, enabling users to craft stunning, personalized menus effortlessly. Its extensive customization options further enhance the creative process, allowing users to tailor their Blu-ray projects to their exact specifications.


Notably, the Blu-ray discs produced by Yuhan Blu-ray Creator boast exceptional compatibility, ensuring seamless playback on virtually any Blu-ray player. Experience the pinnacle of Blu-ray authoring with Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, the ultimate solution for creating immersive and unforgettable Blu-ray experiences.


Before we start, we need to download and install Yuhan Blu-ray Creator. If your computer is Windows, you can click the button on the left below to download it. If your computer is Mac, please click the button on the right below to download it.




Detailed steps to burn Dolby Atmos music to Blu-ray Disc



Step 1. Add Dolby Atmos music files


Click the "Add Music" button and you can add dolby atmos music. Of course, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator also supports adding files by dragging them to the main interface. At the top of the main interface, please select the "Blu-ray" Tab.




Step 2. Set up music files

Clicking the "Edit" button, which opens a music settings dialog. Here, you can trim your music with millisecond precision, setting the start and end times accurately. If your music is too quiet, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator allows you to amplify the sound by up to 300%. Additionally, you can set the music cover art with three display options: full-screen cover, half-screen cover, or no cover display.



Step 3. Set up Blu-ray menu and customize it.


Yuhan Blu-ray Creator has a powerful menu editing function, it provides four scene display modes: File(Icon), File(Text), Chapter(Icon), Chapter(Text), for music Blu-ray discs, we recommend you to choose File(Text). At the same time, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator supports the setting of multiple subtitles for audio tracks, so there is a "Setup" button on the main menu, but this is useless for music Blu-ray discs, so we can press the delete key or backspace key of the keyboard to delete it.





Step 4. Set "Audio Copy"(Important)


This step is very important. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator has two processing modes for audio, one is to re-encode the audio to AC3, and the other is to copy the original audio, and the copy mode requires the audio to be encoded as AC3, DTS, TrueHD, and Blu-ray PCM. "Audio Copy" allows us to get audio without quality loss, because Dolby Atmos is packaged in TrueHD, we can just choose "Audio Copy" to keep the output Blu-ray 7.1 channels of original audio.



Step 5. Save content.


Click the Start button to enter the pre-production settings dialog. Here, you can choose how you want to export your content, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator offers three output options: Blu-ray folder, ISO, or burn to disc, you can also set the disc's volume label, output path, etc.



Step 6. Start working.

Click the start button above and Yuhan Blu-ray Creator will start working, you just need to wait for a few minutes to finish. Please note that if Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is not registered, you will only be able to output 2 minutes per piece of music.





Part 4: Conclusion

With the above few simple steps, it took us more than ten minutes to create a Blu-ray disc of Dolby Atmos music, which contains 7.1 channels, with a Blu-ray menu, and we can easily operate it with a remote control. At the same time, we can proudly say that the Blu-ray disc made by Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is compatible with almost all Blu-ray players. Let's take a look at its screenshots on Blu-ray players.






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