How to Burn 4K MKV Movies to 4K Blu-ray with Menu


    Are you looking for a 4K Blu-ray burner tool that could help you convert and burn 4K MKV movies and other movies to 4K Blu-ray disc with customized disc menu? No such 4K Blu-ray creator is available? You have come to the right place. Yuhan UHD Creator enables you to edit disc menu while burning 4K MKV movies to 4K Blu-ray in multiple ways, including: add background music/video/photo, edit background music/photo/video effect, adjust title content, size, position, font, color, etc., set Skip Menu and First Play options, choose Highlight Color, etc.

"I would like to burn my favorite 4K Fast & Furious movie series onto 4K Blu-ray discs, but I need to design the disc menu by myself. Is there any 4K MKV to 4K Blu-ray burner software that could retain the original 4K movie elements and support disc menu customization? I need a professional 4K Blu-ray disc menu designer that could let me design the disc menu just as those movie studios do, like freely inserting chapters, adding disc menu background video and music, setting a skip option of disc menu playback, adding a promotional video before disc menu, etc."

Do you like watching 4K movies? Do you want to burn 4K MKV movies to Blu-ray with menu for better playing experience? Nowadays, more and more people want to burn 4K movies to 4K Blu-ray. With a 4K Blu-ray burner, you could easily burn 4K movies to 4K Blu-ray with menu, and then you could share with others without any restrictions. Here we will introduce the best 4K movie to 4K Blu-ray burner for burning 4K MKV movies to 4K Blu-ray with menu.

Part 1: Why do we need to burn 4K MKV movies to 4K Blu-ray

With the fast development of digital media tech, 4K Blu-ray has been widely accepted and adopted, especially in movie distribution. There are quite a few ocassions that 4K Blu-ray would be better for movie enjoyment. First, burning 4K MKV movies to 4K Blu-ray could get high-quality playback, large storage capacity and long-term durability. And generally most 4K Blu-ray burners come with video editing features, which let you burn 4K MKV movies at will, like trimming video, editing a disc menu, and designing a disc menu. You could burn your favorite movies to 4K Blu-ray disc to enrich your movie collection, play back with home theater system, or share with others easily.

4K Blu-ray

In addition, during the burning process, you can customize the chapters and menus. It allows users to play whichever clip they want directly by using the playback menu. It is more convenient for users to play 4K MKV movies. What’s more, Blu-ray discs have large amount of storage space, so some people burn 4K movies to 4K Blu-ray for backing up 4K movies or sharing with others. 4K Blu-ray benefits most of us nowadays, it holds good scratch protection and will increase its lifespan. People could better save their media files by burning their files.

Part 2: The Best 4K MKV to 4K Blu-ray Disc Menu Burner - Yuhan UHD Creator

The biggest problem then should be what kind of 4K Blu-ray burner to use for burning 4K MKV video to 4K Blu-ray with powerful menu designer. What is the best 4K MKV to 4K Blu-ray burner software that could bring you with multiple disc menu editing features like a professional 4K Blu-ray disc offers? Currently, there are actually quite few 4K Blu-ray burner software tools that come with multiple menu editing features. Most 4K Blu-ray burners only provide basic menu templetes for you to choose from, and allow you to edit the disc menu texts, add background music and photo, etc. If you want a 4K Blu-ray burner that enables you to set the "Skip Menu" option or insert a commercial short clip before disc menu, you will find that most of them don't meet your requirements. The lucky thing is that you get Yuhan UHD Creator, the best 4K Blu-ray burner software that comes with the most powerful and practical disc menu editor to offer you multiple disc menu editing features.

4K Blu-ray

With Yuhan UHD Creator, you could:

  • Convert and burn videos in 200+ formats to 4K Blu-ray (BD100, BD50, BD66, BD25) disc, folder, and/or ISO image file.
  • Add desired disc menu from multiple presets, and even edit disc menu with background music, image or video, title content adjusting, etc. It has the most advanced disc menu designer you could not get from other 4K Blu-ray burners.
  • Fully retain the original video image and audio quality, without losing the HDR effect of source videos, and with Blu-ray PCM, TrueHD(Dolby Atmos), DTS HD Master audio preserved.
  • Burn videdos from 24fps to 60fps without frame drop in output 4K Blu-ray content.
  • Retain HDR10 & Dolby vision effects and HDR effects.
  • Retain multiple subtitles and audio tracks in output 4K Blu-ray, and even add multiple external subtitles (most other 4K Blu-ray burners could only allow one subtitle and one audio track output).

The 4K Blu-ray disc menu designer within Yuhan UHD Creator offers the most comprehensive and practical 4K Blu-ray disc menu editing features. With 20+ preset disc menu templates, you could directly choose a disc menu for burning 4K MKV movies to 4K Blu-ray contents. The internal 4K Blu-ray disc menu editor offers you unparelleled disc menu editing features, including: add background music/photo/video, adjust background music/photo/video effect, apply background music/video/photo to all menu layers or give each menu layer an individual one, change text content, position, color, size, font, etc., upload and set First Play clip, set the Highlight Color, choose Scene Page Display type, etc. You can freely edit the disc menu upon your own needs.

Part 3: How to Burn 4K MKV to 4K Blu-ray with Menu

The below guide will show you detailed steps on how to burn 4K MKV movies to Blu-ray with menu by using Yuhan UHD Creator. Firstly, download and install Yuhan UHD Creator on your computer. Download the right version according to your computer system.

Step 1. Add source 4K MKV video files

add 4k video

Start the Yuhan Blu-ray DVD Creator. Open the "UHD" tab, and then click the "Add Video" button to browse and load source4K MKV files from your computer. At the bottom right corner, you need to choose output 4K Blu-ray type (BD25, BD50, BD66 or BD100), and frame rate from 23.976 to 59.94. Yuhan UHD Creator allows you to choose multiple subtitles and audio tracks for output, and even add external subtitles.

Step 2: Choose or design disc menu

add disc menu

Just click the "Select Menu" button to enter the disc menu selecting and editing panel, where you could select a preset disc menu template from 20+ preset disc menu templates. If you want to edit disc menu, you could directly to it on the preview windows. Yuhan UHD Creator allows you to add background music/photo/video, customize background music/photo/video, edit every disc menu layer, make some basic disc menu settings, adjust title content and position, change text color, etc. Just do what you like to create your own disc menu. You could get more detailed guide on how to edit disc menu by visiting Yuhan UHD Creator User Guide.

Step 3. Edit Videos (Optional)

edit MP4 video

Yuhan UHD Creator offers you practical editing features to let you to trim video length, adjust volume zoom, insert chapters, specify audio and subtitle, etc. To edit loaded 4K MKV videos, you need to click the edit icon right next to the subtitle selecting button.

Step 4. More burning settings

more basic settings

Yuhan UHD Creator offers some basic program settings to make 4K Blu-ray burning easier, including video, audio, and subtitle settings, such as 4K Blu-ray processing mode, encoder, Bit rate, etc . You could access this panel by clicking the inverted triangle drop-down button at the top-right corner and then choosing "Setting" option.

more burning settings

Afterwards, click the red "Start" button to call out the burning settings panel to complete more burning settings. On the pop-up window, you could set output 4K Blu-ray content type (folder, ISO image file or Blu-ray disc), name the output 4K Blu-ray, choose burner, video decoder and video encoder, and then set a workplace to save output file. Finally, click the bottom "Start" button to start burning 4K MKV video files to 4K Blu-ray disc, folder and/or ISO image file within Yuhan UHD Creator.

Note: To burn 4K MKV to 4K Blu-ray disc, make sure you have inserted a writable 4K Blu-ray disc into the 4K Blu-ray drive already, and select the 4K Blu-ray drive as output under the "Save as" option. Otherwise you could only create 4K Blu-ray folder and/or ISO image file.