Convert MKV with Dolby Vision to 4K UHD Blu-ray


    With the popularity of 4K UHD Blu-ray, many 4K MKV movies available online include Dolby Vision, HDR10 visual effects, and high-quality audio such as TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Blu-ray PCM. If you want to enjoy cinematic visual and auditory effects with a standalone 4K Blu-ray player at home, you might be interested in Yuhan 4K UHD Creator, a powerful 4K UHD Blu-ray authoring software that supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. This tool enables you to create high-quality 4K UHD Blu-ray discs from your 4K MKV files while preserving Dolby Vision and HDR10 effect.

"I tried to use MakeMKV to rip from 4k Blu-ray to mkv format with Dolby Vision, I converted it to UHD Blu-ray, but the 4K UHD Blu-ray player only detected HDR10. Is there another program that can convert files and preserve Dolby Vision data?"


This is a confusion for many users who have used 4K UHD authroing software. The mkv we downloaded contains Dolby Vision and HDR10 effects, we can check it out with MediaInfo, it will show the Dolby Vision information as shown below. However, after UHD authroing software made it into 4K Blu-ray disc, we found that it only has HDR10 effect, and the Dolby Vision effect was missing.


Nowadays, more and more people are not satisfied with HDR10 effect and they want to make 4K UHD Blu-ray discs like commercially published with Dolby Vision effects, however almost no 4K UHD authroing software can do this. Here we will introduce a burning software that is able to make MKV with Dolby Vision into 4K UHD and retain the Dolby Vision effect - Yuhan 4K UHD Creator.



Part 1: Why can Yuhan 4K UHD Creator preserve Dolby Vision in MKV?


Generally speaking, the double-layer DV contains three parts: BL+EL+RPU.


BL: Base layer, a basic video, a basic "raw material". Usually a YUV420 10bit HDR10 video, ordinary devices playing [Dolby Vision] videos cannot activate [Dolby Vision], the reason is that the player can only read this BL layer. That's why Dolby Vision is HDR10 compatible, which means that when playing Dolby Vision video on a normal player, it will output in compatibility mode HDR10.


RPU: A must-have part of Dolby Vision, which usually contains all kinds of "guide" data that explicitly tells the TV, how to convert the color space, HDR tone mapping, and so on. Figuratively speaking, the PRU is a video processing protocol that specifies how the video of the BL layer should be rendered and displayed.


EL: The simple understanding is that this is an extensibility layer. A standard Dolby Vision will combine the YUV420 10-bit BL-layer video into a YUV422 12-bit video. This EL layer is the extended data, which is used to extend the effective video information of BL. So that the final product has more gradations, more colors, and a larger contrast range.


Single-layer Dolby Vision: It is a combination of BL+RPU, also known as Dolby Vision MEL - Mini Dolby Vision Layer. This Dolby Vision only has "guide" data, and most of the content is the dynamic metadata of HDR's tone mapping. Dolby usually uses profile5 or profile8 to encapsulate mp4, ts, MKV files, and some original files also use single-layer Dolby Vision, so don't think that all Dolby Vision original files or UHD Blu-ray discs are double-layer Dolby Vision.


Double-layer Dolby Vision: It is a combination of complete BL+EL+RPU, also known as Dolby Vision FEL - complete Dolby Vision layer. It is the only commercially used 12-bit video source product. Dolby usually uses Profile7 to encapsulate MP4 and TS files. The vast majority of Dolby Vision UHD Blu-ray Disc and UHD Blu-ray original files are in this usual sense, and what people say about Dolby Vision by default also refers to double-layer Dolby Vision.


Profile7 is usually licensed to discs and drives, and to play profile7 discs, you need a Profile7 licensed drive to play them. That's why many MTK8581 chip hard disks play Dolby Vision, and must be in original BDMV or ISO original format. Because the Dolby Vision of the BDMV or ISO source is in a profile7 package, while the MKV is not.


Profile5/8 is usually licensed to network streaming media, TVs, video box player, and some 4K UHD Blu-ray disc players. So Netflix’s Dolby Vision is a combination of BL+RPU. This type of video source can only be played by devices authorized by profile 5/8, such as apple tv, shielded tv, and the player that comes with the TV. Mainly for online streaming media playback devices.


Most 4K UHD authoring software does not support Dolby Vision, this is because in 4K UHD Blu-ray, the Dolby Vision stream and the main video stream are separated, it is an independent 1080P HEVC video stream, commonly known as dual-layer Dolby Vision, while 4K UHD authoring software only has the ability to encode the main video, not Dolby Vision encoding capabilities. There are very few 4K UHD authoring software that can support Dolby Vision in M2TS files, because Dolby Vision in M2TS files is already double-layer Dolby Vision, and 4K UHD authoring software only needs to copy it.


Yuhan 4K UHD Creator not only handles Dolby Vision in M2TS files, but also supports single-layer Dolby Vision in MP4, MKV perfectly. With a simple setup, you can create a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc with Dolby Vision effects.


Part 2: The Best 4K UHD authoring software - Yuhan 4K UHD Creator


Yuhan 4K UHD Creator not only impeccably preserves the Dolby Vision effect but also faithfully maintains high-fidelity audio formats like DTS HD Master, TrueHD, and Blu-ray PCM. Distinguishing itself from other 4K UHD authoring software, it boasts a plethora of unique features.


Foremost, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator boasts robust menu editing capabilities. It offers comprehensive customization options, including support for advanced features like "First Play" and "Skip Menu" functionalities typically found in commercial discs. Moreover, it allows users to personalize the highlight color of remote control selection buttons. Unlike its counterparts, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator stands out by enabling the use of videos as menu backgrounds, elevating the interactive experience.


Additionally, the software not only facilitates manual chapter creation but also seamlessly imports chapters from MKV files, complete with their respective titles. This automated process streamlines the authoring workflow and ensures consistency across projects.


Furthermore, MKV files generally contain multiple audio tracks and subtitles, and Yuhan 4K UHD Creator can also support it perfectly.


Yuhan 4K UHD Creator sets a new standard in 4K UHD authoring with its advanced features, intuitive interface, and exceptional support for diverse media formats.


Key Features:

  • Perfectly preserves HDR10 and Dolby Vision in MKV files.
  • Perfectly preserves DTS HD Master, TrueHD and Blu-ray PCM audio.
  • Powerful menu editing capabilities and almost completely customizable menus.
  • Supports multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles, even external subtitles.
  • Supports automatically importing chapters from MKV files.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.


Part 3: Detailed steps to burn MKV with Dolby Vision to 4K UHD Blu-ray

Before we start, we need to download and install Yuhan Blu-ray Creator. If your computer is Windows, you can click the button on the left below to download it. If your computer is Mac, please click the button on the right below to download it.




Step 1. Add mkv file with Dolby Vision

To add MKV files, simply click the "Add Video" button or drag the files directly onto the main interface of Yuhan 4K UHD Creator. With its intuitive design, the software automatically detects Dolby Vision and HDR10, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Moreover, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator offers seamless support for multi-track audio and subtitles. Users can easily select their preferred audio track and subtitles by clicking the ComboBox.

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to choose their desired disc capacity, ranging from BD25 to BD100. It's worth noting that while BD66 and BD100 may have limited compatibility with some standalone 4K Blu-ray players, they function flawlessly on computers.




Step 2. Set up video (optional)


Click the Settings button on the video entry to enter the Video Settings dialog box. Here, you can crop the video and add chapters to the video in the settings. If your MKV file contains chapter information, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator supports automatically importing chapters.This is also a feature that many 4K UHD authoring software does not support.



Step 3. Set up disc menu and customize it.


Click the "Select Menu" button to enter the menu settings dialog box. Yuhan 4K UHD Creator has a powerful disk menu editing function. First of all, it has four scene menu display modes: File(Icon), File(Text), Chapter(Icon), Chapter(Text), whether you want to use text display or Icon display, whether you want to display it in files or chapters, it can be easily supported. Secondly, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator also supports the customization of "First Play", "Skip Menu", and Hightlight color. Finally, Yuhan 4K UHD Creator not only supports pictures as menu backgrounds, but also supports videos as menu backgrounds, which is not supported by other 4K UHD authoring software.




Step 4. Check Dolby Vision.


Open the software settings dialog box, find the "UHD HDR & SDR" option, and select "Dolby Vision". This step is very important. If you do not select it, the content generated by Yuhan 4K UHD Creator will not retain Dolby Vision.




Step 5. Start authoring.

After clicking the "Start" button on the main interface, the "Preset" dialog box pops up. Yuhan 4K UHD Creator provides three outputs: Blu-ray folder, ISO, and burn to disc. At the same time, you can also set the disc's volume label.



After clicking "Start", Yuhan 4K UHD Creator will start working. If you want to burn to a disc, please prepare the disc first.



Waiting for it to finish, we insert the disc into the 4K UHD Blu-ray player, which Dolby Vision has already shown. Note that both your TV and 4K UHD Blu-ray player must support Dolby Vision, otherwise there will be no Dolby Vision effect.



Part 4: Conclusion

After reading the above simple steps, do you think that making a 4K UHD Blu-ray with Dolby Vision effect is a very simple thing? Yes, the operation you need is really simple, but behind it is not simple, in order to support Dolby Vision, the software has done a lot of work in the background. Meanwhile, you can see that Yuhan 4K Blu-ray Creator not only supports Dolby Vision, but it can also help you create beautiful disk menus, which are features that other 4K UHD authoring software doesn't have.


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