6 Best Blu-ray Burning Software 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital era, some may argue that optical media, such as DVDs and CDs, are losing popularity. However, it’s important to recognize that these storage mediums, particularly Blu-ray discs, continue to hold their value as reliable options. Blu-ray discs, in particular, offer exceptional storage capacity and deliver a remarkable viewing experience when played on TVs and various devices. If you are seeking free Blu-ray burning software to conveniently burn your videos or photos onto Blu-ray discs, you’ve come to the right place. 

This article presents eight exceptional Blu-ray burning software options for Windows, and among them, the highly recommended tool is Yuhan Blu-ray Creator. This software not only enables you to convert videos and photos to Blu-ray discs but also provides customizable features to tailor your burning experience to your specific preferences. With Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, you can elevate your media storage and playback to a whole new level.

When it comes to backing up beloved movies like <Star Wars> or other famous titles, using Blu-ray burning software offers numerous advantages over DVD burning. Blu-ray movies boast stunning 1080p resolution, delivering sharp images and intricate details, often presented in their original aspect ratios. In contrast, DVD movies are limited to 480p resolution, which falls short of the quality found in most YouTube videos, and are typically displayed in a stretched 4×3 full-screen format.

Opting for Blu-ray burning software grants access to high-definition videos, making it the preferred choice for anyone seeking top-notch visual and audio experiences. For individuals with surround sound systems at home, burning videos to Blu-ray ensures uncompressed 4K video and audio, along with multiple audio channels. As a result, Blu-ray burning services remain popular due to the unmatched quality they provide.

Blu-ray burning software is the superior option for preserving and enjoying movies like <Star Wars> or other well-known titles, offering superior resolution, enhanced visuals, and exceptional audio capabilities compared to DVD burning.

Allow me to recommend an exceptional 3-in-1 burning software that goes beyond Blu-ray burning to include DVD burning and 4K UHD burning capabilities. The highly versatile Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is an outstanding choice for all your burning needs. This software supports an extensive array of video formats, such as MP4, MKV, M4V, WMV, AVI, TS, M2TS, MOV, FLV, and many more. Additionally, it accommodates a wide range of image formats, including PG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, WEBP, and HEIC, among others.

One of the software’s notable features is its support for multiple audio tracks and subtitles, allowing you to customize your burning experience according to your preferences. With over 20 built-in menu templates and comprehensive menu customization options, you can create professional-grade Blu-rays with ease. Notably, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is not limited to Windows versions only; it is also available for Mac users.

In summary, I highly recommend Yuhan Blu-ray Creator for its all-in-one burning capabilities, support for various video and image formats, multiple audio and subtitle options, and user-friendly menu customization features. Whether you need to burn Blu-rays, DVDs, or 4K UHD videos, this software is a top-notch solution that caters to both Windows and Mac users.

Key Features of Yuhan Blu-ray Creator
★ Available for both Windows and Mac.
★ All in one DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD Blu-ray authoring software: DVD(PAL, NTSC), Blu-ray(720P, 1080P), 4K UHD Blu-ray.
★ Retain Dolby Vision & HDR10 Video and Blu-ray PCM, TrueHD, DTS HD Master, AC3 Plus Audio.
★ Support multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles, external subtitles.
★ Support almost all popular video formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, M2TS, FLV, MOV, WMV,VOB, Xvid, TS, etc.
★ Support almost all picture formats, including heic, heif, jpg, bmp, tiff, png, gif, webp etc.
★ Support photo slideshow, offer 20+ kinds of image transformation effects, support background music.
★ Save as folder, ISO, or burn to disc.
★ Support Blu-ray frame rate 23.976fps, 25fps, 29.97fps and 59.94fps.
★ Support AMD, INTEL, Nvidia graphics card and Mac videotoolbox acceleration.
★ Built-in 20+ sets of menus, support custom menus.
★ Support trimming video and adding chapters.

Step 1: Add Video Files. Click the “Add Video” button to add video files, you can add multiple files at once, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator also supports dragging files to add. If your video is multi-track and multi-subtitle, and you want to make a multi-audio track multi-subtitle Blu-ray, you can select the audio track you need in the audio track ComboBox, you can select the subtitle in the subtitle ComboBox, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator also supports external subtitles like srt, ssa, ass, idx, pgs, you can click the “Add External” button to add external subtitles, and the audio track and subtitles you selected will appearSetup menu.

Step2: Set up the video (optional). Click the setting button on the right side of the video entry to enter the video settings dialog, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator supports trimming video, adjusting video sound, setting chapters and setting audio track subtitle language, etc.
Step 3: Make Customization on Blu-ray Menu. Yuhan Blu-ray Creator has 24 groups of built-in menu templates. With 4 different display methods at your disposal, you can seamlessly present menus in various ways: opt for file-based, chapter-based, icon-based, or text-based displays, giving you unparalleled flexibility in organizing your content.
Not stopping there, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator takes customization to the next level. You have the freedom to personalize every aspect of your menus, making them truly unique. From selecting the perfect background image to setting a captivating background music, the possibilities are endless. You can even replace thumbnails and remove unnecessary menu items like main menu thumbnails or the “Setup” button, ensuring a streamlined and polished interface that meets your specific requirements.
Step 4: Save. You can save the burned video to a Blu-ray disc, folder, or ISO file. After that, click “Start” to make the best Blu-ray disc.

If you like Yuhan Blu-ray Creator, you can download it by clicking the button below and try it for free.

2. BurnAware Free

BurnAware Free is a versatile and user-friendly burning software, offering a comprehensive range of features without any cost. It empowers users to write various file types, including digital photos, pictures, archives, images, documents, music, and videos, onto CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs effortlessly. Featuring all the classic settings found in burning tools, BurnAware supports multi-session, rewritable disc erasing, and write emulation, making it an intuitive and straightforward tool that caters to all the burning needs of the average user.
One of BurnAware’s standout capabilities is the ability to create and burn standard/bootable data Blu-ray discs, allowing users to make BDMV discs that can be played on Blu-ray players. Moreover, its copy feature is particularly noteworthy, enabling users to duplicate discs into ISO images and copy Blu-ray discs to other discs. This exceptional Windows disc burner also extends its support to CDs and DVDs.

3. ImgBurn

ImgBurn stands out as a free and lightweight burning application, perfectly suited for CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray tasks. Its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to burn various files and image files onto Blu-ray discs effortlessly. Notably, ImgBurn sets itself apart from other free Blu-ray burners with its unique capability to create playable Blu-ray discs directly from BDAV/BDMV folders.
The software doesn’t just stop at Blu-ray burning; it offers advanced options for burning CDs, DVDs, and HD DVDs as well. Users can also create image files from their computer or network files, and it even supports reading a disc and saving its content as an image file for backup or duplication purposes.
As a powerful disc burning solution, ImgBurn efficiently caters to a wide range of burning needs. However, it’s essential to note that ImgBurn is compatible exclusively with Windows systems, limiting its use to those operating on this platform. With its impressive features and ease of use, ImgBurn remains a top choice for users seeking a reliable and capable disc burning tool on Windows.

4 Express Burn

Express Burn is a highly efficient and user-friendly Blu-ray burning software, known for its speed and ease of use. It supports a wide range of video formats, including AVI, MPG, VOB, MP4, MKV, and all DirectShow supported formats, enabling users to burn their favorite videos directly to Blu-ray discs. A notable feature of Express Burn is its ability to create and manage chapters on Blu-ray discs, enhancing the organization and playback experience of video content.
While it may not match the versatility of Yuhan Blu-ray Creator for Blu-ray burning tasks, Express Burn offers a comprehensive set of features for other disc types. It includes capabilities for audio CD burning, video DVD creation, and data CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning, making it an excellent choice for users who require a multifunctional disc burning solution.
However, it’s important to keep in mind that Express Burn is limited to Windows systems, meaning users on other operating systems won’t be able to utilize this software. Additionally, the free version of Express Burn is restricted to burning regular CDs. For access to advanced features, users would need to purchase the full version of this Blu-ray burner.

5.Leawo Blu-ray Creator

Leawo Blu-ray Creator stands out as a feature-rich and comprehensive Blu-ray burning software, offering users the ability to convert and burn videos in various formats into playable Blu-ray discs and ISO image files. The software boasts an impressive collection of menu templates, along with the freedom to customize menus according to individual preferences. Additionally, users have the option to convert regular 2D videos to immersive 3D Blu-rays, adding a whole new dimension to their viewing experience.

One of the standout features of Leawo Blu-ray Creator is its built-in video editor, enabling users to effortlessly trim, crop, and even add watermarks to their videos before burning them to Blu-ray. This provides a seamless way to enhance and personalize the content before finalizing the disc.

Another advantage of this software is its compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it accessible to a broader range of users. However, it is essential to note that while Leawo Blu-ray Creator offers an array of impressive features, it is not available as a completely free option.

In conclusion, Leawo Blu-ray Creator emerges as a powerful and versatile tool for burning and converting videos to Blu-ray and ISO files. With its abundance of menu templates, 3D conversion capability, and built-in video editor, it provides a user-friendly experience for both Windows and Mac users, although it comes at a cost.

6. CDBurnerXP

Look no further than CDBurnerXP for a reliable and free Blu-ray burning software, despite its name suggesting a focus on CDs. This versatile burning tool supports all types of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, making it an excellent choice for disc enthusiasts. With CDBurnerXP, you have the freedom to burn any data onto Blu-ray discs and even create copies of Data Blu-rays hassle-free.

Notably, this software doesn’t just stop at burning Blu-rays. It also offers the convenience of burning ISO files to discs and creating ISO images from existing discs. Such functionalities enhance its value and make it a comprehensive solution for disc-related tasks.

CDBurnerXP boasts an intuitive main interface, presenting all major functions at your fingertips. This user-friendly design is particularly beneficial for novice users, enabling them to find the right tools with ease. In case users need further guidance, they can always refer to the software’s official website, where detailed burning steps and additional support are readily available.

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